Brand Building Awareness | Europe | Asia.

Brand Building Awareness Online strategy for America, Europe and Asia, determines if you will be relevant on the market or not. Relevance is defined by online one group, your customers. Brand Awareness and Brand Building is our specialty and since 13 years.




You know it already yourself, it is the hardest and most expensive part of your Entrepreneurship. The best way to invest the money you have for advertising is, to team up with a big brand. We need to identify what makes the most sense for your brand, product or service and then, team up with a huge brand to get your name into the heads of everyone on planet earth.

We do this since 13-years and every single company succeeded this way in an incredible way. It is simple impossible not to get the attention you need. Don't worry about the costs. It will be much cheaper than experimenting with social media, print press and other platforms. Team up with the best and watch your popularity and turnaround grow.



Online awareness is not only a fancy picture or video. Most important beside having the strongest brands on your side to team up is, to have an impact in search engines. SEO is and stays one of the most if not the most important thing. Every second on the planet are people searching for products or services to solve a problem. If you are listed on page one or you are on position one, you will not only have the most natural traffic possible but also know very well, how much traffic your competitors have. If you are on P1, your competitor can have only less when it comes to pure organic traffic without Facebook and IG. With one of our brands LOMA Wheels, we are dominating Google and Bing of over 20 keywords that are important for our industry. Page one or Place 1 is where we are and so you can be sure, we help you there too. Not in Months, but in a couple of 2-3 weeks, you will see the impact. Some of our people where SEO guys at Google. That's why. No paid ads or similar. Simply organic traffic from week one.




The good news is, we don't care about Social Media. Yes you read right. There is no indication that you have more business just because you have tons of likes. In fact, we have the proof that Facebook and Instagram are blocking your content because they want to force you to pay an ad. So you get addicted to spend a, b and c every single day as they placed in your head, what will the average customer think if the likes go down? Social media is a total waste of time in 2020 and 2021. We don't say don't do it, but don't be silly and build your strategy on these platforms. First they don't give you any security. Beside our customers, we experienced it ourselves how Facebook suspended our ad account because of a new algorithm. Do you want to give the future of your brand to and social media platform? Now we see this as the best thing ever, as we were forced to optimize our website for Google and only this matters. A constant money stream is what you need. Everything else are just a hobby.