I am a Serial-Entrepreneur that started with nothing and made it up to live in Monte Carlo, Monaco. My background was to be a professional sportsman that knows what competing means. It means discipline and vision, only then can you reach your goals. I started without any help, advice or loan and managed to grow multiple brands to a substantial size within the Automotive industry, while inventing 3 times new products that were unseen and considered as impossible at that time. My expertise and network will help you and your company in terms of manufacturing, branding and licensing. Most of the time we license products together with Automobili Lamborghini and create such an immense impact on the market. One of my most successful brands is listed www.lomawheels.com that is listed on Google for all important search terms to 90% on place one and 10% on page one without any advertising. I know in every stage of your company what you need and how to make the next step to make money. In case you need investor capital and are willing to give shares, or you want to bring your brand or company to Monte Carlo, Monaco or simply getting a licensing deal for your brand that will separate you from the rest in your industry, my team and I will be the business angel you need.


We offer you help in Online Sales, SEO, Digital Marketing, Branding, Financing, Licensing and many other things that you need, to become the global brand you always wanted to be. After a brief interview by phone, we will continue by mail and will welcome you in our office in Monte Carlo to discuss the strategy and possibilities. No matter what you need, we have all you need and all from one hand. The best Brand Licensing Companies worldwide are our partners, and we have the deal you are looking for. Set your product of service apart from the competition and dominate the market like no other.