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The founder of the Loma Group Monaco, Mario Radosavljevic is a serial entrepreneur that owns 23 companies and brands. He understood what it needs to build a brand from scratch and to make it a success story. Summarizing it in a simple form it works like this. You are not selling a product, you are selling a brand but to sell a brand to a customer, the brand needs to create trust. The problem is, how you create trust with a company that is a start-up or that is unknown for the end customer?

The secret is Cross-Branding. You can use other successful brands to push your own. Team up with the best to create awareness in your industry. This will set you apart from your competitors and the budget you had for classical advertising, will flow now in a license deal that will make you in light-speed, a global player. We are specialized in doing just this.



The classic way of advertising would be like this blue lemon. You create a super fancy picture or ad and shoot it out trough Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other social media platforms. So of course you will gain attention, but the ROI (Return of Investment) will be far from acceptable. Why? Because your ad will be one of Billions launched every month and people can't see it anymore. They hate being interrupted in their private time when scrolling through the timeline from any social media platform.

Now if you do the same and for example NIKE would be on your product, then this would be different. You are showing a logo that people know and are familiar with, and so they recognize your brand in a complete natural way. The best is, your ROI is clear and scalable, because you know what you will invest and what you get back.




Every company that wants to start big is using a certain amount of budget for each year. This is usually spread over different platforms like print media, social media and radio or TV. Now imagine your product or service is cross-branded with for example Nike, Louis Vuitton or Automobili Lamborghini and those brands are posting themselves the new partnership with your product, service or brand! Your are right, millions of people will know with one post who you are and what your mission is. Now it's very easy to scale your work because, your social media follower accounts are exploding and you get attention like never before. Your website will get a huge boost because you send to Google and every other search engine a signal, of growth because your social media sites and website is getting millions of new visitors. Print media and everything else is dead.



This depends on which brand it is. The big players are looking for start-ups or already good running businesses, to cross-brand just because of the reasons we mentioned before. Old fashion media does not reach the customer anymore as it was and social media cost millions to have an acceptable ROI. Cross-branding means, being in the heads of the customers in their daily life without specially searching for this specific topic. Harley-Davidson for example just as Lamborghini, they want to be known even by people that are not driving or are not fans yet. They want to make sure, everybody knows them and create so a global awareness for their brands. You can benefit from this as, if their brand grows, you grow too.

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