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The Lamborghini Supertrofeo as massive place for exposure!

We live in times when you need to choose carefully where and when to present your brand, products or service without being in danger, being overlooked. It is almost super important to connect your brand with an emotion, and what can be more emotional than racing with a Lamborghini?


The Lamborghini Supertrofeo events have been massive in terms of brand exposure and branding, because the emotional factor is huge. If the product fits to the Motorsports area, there is simply nothing you can do wrong. In fact, inviting important clients and partners to the race will be an unforgettable experience on which they will remember for a very long time. That is the emotional trigger you need because now, you have persons talking about the Lamborghini race and your brand and a super emotional way. This takes the listener to a total different journey than just hearing the same message everyone else is giving. You don't want to be just another product, you will be a memory in their heads and get so people emotionally connected to your brand, product or service. Guess what most of the people that heard that big story will want to do? Exactly, visiting your website, searching about your brand story and being part of the next race event. Over 20 Lamborghinis with more or less straight pipes switching the engines on, will make more than just goosebumps. Promised!


LOMA is since years part of it and our clients love it!

Most of our partners became a partner in this very exclusive program and created a brand story around it. The Lamborghini Supertrofeo is on a mission in the United States of America, in Europe and in Asia. So you cover all the important markets with one hit. Can it get better than that? Yes, it can. Use the possibility of inviting your important clients to test drive off season. One of our professional race drivers will have some spins with them which they will never forget. Watching is one thing, but sitting in the car while a Pro is hitting the pedal to the metal, is mental.

Create a complete event for a promotion or announcement around this possibility and create so something unforgettable.


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