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Mario Radosavljevic and the Loma Group Monaco are bringing big license deals to Monte Carlo



Licensing is the process of leasing a trademarked or copyrighted property for use in connection with a product, service or promotion. The property could be a name, likeness, logo, graphic, saying, signature, character or a combination of several of different elements depending on your needs. The licensing agreements that property owners and licensees make have the potential to unlock powerful brands with in-demand products that drive real value to both parties and boost so the sales to new levels. Companies large and small make billions of dollars each year in retail sales of licensed merchandise. From "Toy Story" action figures to t-shirts with the Nike logo, the potential to leverage a brand for licensing or license out a beloved brand are vast. In reality, there is no limit what is possible. You name it.



This picture says it all. In such a noisy world you have the responsibility as entrepreneur to do everything you can that your brand gets recognition. Well said but how you gonna do this? The first you do is, social media but you realize fast, this is not really working. See, the reason why it does not work is following. Unless you have a physical product that is very low-priced and you use your Instagram or Facebook page to sell B2C, you will just waist your time. Sit down and calculate how much you need to invest into social media until you have one lead back and then your first sale. Do that and swallow the shock. You are interrupting people in their free time when they want to switch off and relax and then you come along and make a pitch with a paid Ad. Guess what will be the result! Of course, you will gain some likes and maybe a comment or two, but is this the way to bring your brand to the point where you already see yourself? No it is not and the reason is simple. You are not so popular that everyone will jump on the train no matter what. But you can change this, FAST!



You have a budget per year that you use for advertising and if you don't, you should better make sure to get a loan fast or close the business right now and stop the madness.

Let's put your current scenario together: You make a nice picture or video and place an important message or brand mission on it and shoot it out into Facebook, Instagram or Print Media. You target at least on social media the age, gender, interest, and location of your possible future customer and then you click on " create the ad ". Most of the time you will pay and immense CPC (click per cost) on your ad just to find out, they come to your website but only a view, if any contact you. HOPE is what sits on your shoulder while watching what you write in the email back to them. Since a couple of weeks you are doing this now and you see an increase in website traffic but you make no sales. And before you even realize what happened, another year is almost up.

Fact is, people don't buy products, they buy brands. They want to buy a piece of a lifestyle and yes no question, you can do it on your own if your goal is working10 to15 years from now on, you can make it. If you don't want to wait that long, you need a strategic licensing partner and guess what, we have them for you.



Instead of shooting with a 9 mm on a swarm of flies in good faith you will catch one, we will create a license deal for you that will boost you, your brand, product or service straight up to the sky. What we mean with that is clear and simple. Use the money for advertising by signing up for a license with a world known brand and benefit from their popularity to boost your own brand to the top. At the end of the day, you will know what you get and the beauty of it is, you get so popular that now it makes sense to post on social media without paid Ads because all type of people know you already. With a partnership of a Mega brand, you will become the leader in your niche more or less overnight and there will be no way around that customer don't want you, your product or service you offer because remember, customers are buying trust not products and if you look like the leader in your industry, you will start flipping money all day, and THIS MAKES SENSE all day, every day.

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