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Your Virtual Office in Monaco and Mailing Address in Monaco will boost your brand, service or company to the next level. We can help you get the most prestigious business address on the planet to secure your next big deal and to create trust. Read more below what are the requirements for the setup.

Since ever is the brand Monte Carlo a warrant for wealth and security. Think about it, no matter if you sell a physical product or a service, at the end of the day, you sell trust. If the client doesn't trust you, you can have the best product on the planet, but you will hardly close the deal.

You have only one shot for the first impression and this starts with your location. If you are based in Monte Carlo, everyone in the modern business world knows, that the Monégasque Government has monitored you to the max. Be honest, you also want a trustful and wealthy business partner to close the next big deal.


Benefit from a flexible way to build your business presence in Monaco, from an iconic location on the Mediterranean coast. Gain an instant professional address with a virtual office in this prestigious area while you work from wherever you choose.

In Monaco the government makes the rules for a monthly payment and it starts with 950,- Euros excl. VAT per month. After two years, you have to have a physical office or a co-working space which will cost from 1.250,- Euros excl. VAT per month.

All this requires a business set up in Monte Carlo. You can not use a foreign company to simply have a business address here. Read more of what it takes to get a company in Monaco.

The Monégasque Government prohibits the possibility to open a business address without having a REAL company in Monaco. In fact, they regulate the business very strict which means, first you need to check if you can open this type of business here or if they think, there are already enough companies offering this product or service in Monaco. Once this is clear, you need to get an apartment and register the electricity called SMEG in Monaco. With this document you can apply for a company here. After the approval, you will need a bank account and then you need to pay in 15.000,- Euros to get the certificate. With this document you have to apply for the resident card and after that is approved, you can register the company in Monte Carlo and enjoy the benefits of running your business from here.


Contact us today to set up a phone call. We can discuss all your needs and requirements to bring your business to the next level. Running your company, brand or service with your Virtual Office and Mailing Service in Monaco, will boost your business to new heights.

The complete setup procedure is just one of many services we have for you. Benefit from lower setup costs and all from one hand. Our team will be happy to advise you.